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Blue O2 (Broad Spectrum Disinfectant) (A+B)

World Health Organisation Recommended formulation. Blue O2 is ready to use broad spectrum sanitizer, Chlorine Dioxide Safe and Effective against numerous strains. Blue O2 kills 99.99% of most harmful bacteria, viruses, fungi, mycobacterium. Blue O2 kills any living pathogenic cell in contact time of less than 5 minutes. Blue O2 can be sprayed or fogged and will not damage or harm fabrics, plastics, metals, rubber or other surfaces. Blue O2 is Non Flammable.
One Kit of BLUE O2 (A+B) makes 10000 litres of disinfectant and covers an area upto 20,00,000 sqft.
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VIRO SHIELD Surface Disinfectant

Viroshield is a uniquely formulated cutting edge Nano Copper based technology . Nano Copper technology is proven to have anti-bacterial & anti- viral properties. Viro Shield is a transparent coating & does not change the aesthetics of the surface. Upon application the coating is effective upto one year.
Unique Features- Ready to use, Bactericidal & virucidal properties, Transparent Coating, Water Based, Water Resistant, Coated surface can be water cleaned,High coverage, Safe & Non-Toxic. Viro Shield has vast application areas like wood, polished wood surface, Metal, Plastic, Glass, Fiber, Furniture Fabric , Wall, Rubber , Tiles, Granite & Marble
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CRI Hydrophobic Lens Cleaner

Is a unique formulation of advanced Nano Technology, with properties such as Water Repellent, Dust Repellent and Anti Fog. Our product is composed of Nano Cleaning Agents that is a superior technology which cleans every micro area of the spectacle to provide a crystal clear vision.

Nano polymer makes a transparent coating around the glass and prevents from Water, Dust or Fog accumulation on the surface.

This technology is called  ‘LOTUS EFFECT’

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